Ladies Only Programme

Ages 14+ with an adult

Does any of this sound familiar...?

  • Don't feel confident with your body?

  • Feel self-conscious and bored at the gym?

  • Find diets don't work for you?

  • Want to meet new people and challenge yourself?

Do something for yourself for a change!

Our ladies only classes are led by female instructors in a fun and supportive environment. Burn around 450 calories in an hours class, and trim and tone up whilst having such a great time you'll hardly know you're working out! Challenge yourself to beat your own personal fitness scores and earn belts and certificates as you learn some pretty awesome pad drills!

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"I joined Mantis to get a bit fitter... From the first day everyone has been so friendly and supportive. I have great fun every week and the atmosphere is the reason I get off my bum every week!"  ELAINE P.
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