Secondary Programme

Ages 11-16

Does any of this sound familiar...?

  • Lacking in confidence and self esteem?

  • Being bullied at school?

  • Struggle building friendships?

  • Need an outlet for frustration?

Then our carefully structured syllabus is perfect for you!

Our KS3/4 syllabus has been developed with teenagers in mind. Classes are structured to build confidence, encourage motivation and focus, relieve stress and provide an outlet for a teenager's new physical power. 


Sessions start with the teaching of a new move which students practice with a partner using gloves and focus pads. The moves involve a variety of punches and kicks and include the use of elbows and knees also. We then use these skills to create combinations which the students love – from spinning back fists to jumping spinning crescent kicks!


Students are encouraged to improve their fitness and stamina through challenges and games. They are also encouraged to monitor their progress by grading for belts. The skills required to gain belts are nationally recognised and students receive feedback on their performance during their gradings. 


Our teaching methods are reward-based - reinforcing that hard work equals success and encouraging teenagers to develop into respectful young adults.

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We also run a Primary to Secondary Transition Course – make friends, build confidence, have fun! Find out more

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"Very professional but friendly kickboxing club for adults and children. Both me and my daughter love it."  ELAINE P.