Trial Classes, Events, Workshops & Parties

Mantis Body & Mind can start your journey to becoming the best you can be, so it's important that you feel we're the right fit for you. That's why we offer trial classes, beginner programmes and events so you can get a taste of what we're about without committing to anything.


Two trial classes

Join in on any two classes suitable for your age and borrow our loaner kit to come along and see if you like it. Join in the fun with no commitment and no pressure.


Beginners programmes

These run alongside our usual classes and allow you to join in for two months without commitment. Whether you're a Mini, youth or adult there's a beginners programme for you. You'll be taught all the basics to enable you to complete your very first marital arts grading with us. All the kit you need to attend along with your grading is included.



We have lots to share with you other than kickboxing! We often host events which you are welcome to attend even if you're not a member. Check out whats coming up in the availability link below...

Our classes are busy and we have limited spaces for beginners so check availability here to avoid disappointment.

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Give us a try...

With no obligation to join, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain...



We're happy to help...

"Very professional but friendly kickboxing club for adults and children. Both me and my daughter love it."  ELAINE P.